Message of the Principal

I would like to warmly welcome you to Aghosh Grammar School.

Aghosh Grammar School located in shah-e-Jilani Road Lahore, is uniquely designed to give students an education that is international, personalized, and creative. We offer a curriculum that focuses on balancing academia, leadership skills, character-building, and self-discovery. The classroom experience at AGS is intimate and hands-on. Maintaining a minimum student-teacher ratio of 25:1 allows us to give each pupil unparalleled care and attention.

Students are provided with their own Books to build technological competency through multi-term projects, creative digital expression, academic blogs, and information gathering. They undertake vigorous academic and creative classes, which prepare them for higher education at top notch international Minhaj University. The dedication and extensive experience of our teachers, in addition to the diversity and leadership of the students, influences the high expectation and standard of education at Aghosh Grammar School. After school tutoring on campus, as well as, many of our extra-coaching classes and curricular activities; furthermore, support student growth and development.

In nutshell, Aghosh inculcates in a child the concept of social development in a following manner and style:

  • At Aghosh a child gradually develops social graces and independence.
  • He tries outs new foods and becomes accustomed to unfamiliar routines.
  • Learns new skills by doing “Hostel Chores” with children.
  • Makes friends with children in the hostel.
  • The child also can test and develop skills in relating to people away from home.
  • At Aghosh learns that all mothers are not alike, nor are all fathers, big brothers, or little sisters.
  • A child learns how to make friends for playing, eating a meal in a group and spending the night all add to a child social development.
  • Basically Aghosh is a reasonable and flexible family host to your child.
  • Where he also learns how to make intelligent choices like bed time activities, what to wear and what not to wear for certain occasions.
  • Aghosh in brief is a balanced educational institute which shares its experiences for the personal development of a child with a concepts:

AGS stands for “Knowledge, Academia, Inspiration, and Spirit”, the four pillars in our world of learning. We believe that education is more than rote memorization and taking notes; but, on empirical wisdom. I welcome you to visit our school and see for yourself how we are engaging education. Welcome to the AGS Community.

Maturity with purity is surety to success