Chairman's Message

Aghosh since its establishment aims at mode of education not commercialized; but, to furnish an academic ventures to the kith & kins of un-documentary parent’s victim of vicious circle due to financial crunch. With this spirit, Allah has bestowed the best of blessing and bounties to serve as beacon to disperse voluntary education to the masses at large on humanitarian bases.

Considering this very fact, my convection holds that AGS educational character building system would promote message of love, peace, tolerance, brotherhood, forgiveness and good deeds in society by our students. It is indeed a matter of pleasure that we are leading towards educational progress in Pakistan which is essential for the creation of progressive, democratic, societies and glorious nation.

Furthermore, AGS offers orphans, in particular, and other students, in general, with mental, spiritual, physical educational development program. Thus, imparting quality education with modern techniques, the faculty of pedagogy at AGS with dedication involved in bringing self-belief to the students, enabling them to a explore the opportunity and elation of its discovery and then to develop an aspiration for learning.

Finally uttering, Aghosh focus on career formation of a student and infuse in him to accomplish hallmark in is way to glorious success. Thus, earning bread & butter by way of having studious, industrious brain network with the concept to inculcate in society the spirit of devotion, dedication, commitment, humanity, faith and discipline.

Dr. Hussain Mohiuddin
Aghosh Governing Body (AGB)