Admission Procedure

  1. Submission of registration & Admission Forms
  2. Admission Test
  3. Interviews
  4. Selection
  5. Payment of Admissions dues
  6. Issue of Admission Slip

Documents required at the time of Registration / Admission

  1. Birth certificate
  2. CINC of father / guardian
  3. 4 photographs (passport size)
  4. Last School leaving Certificate (except PG)
  5. Last Result Card (except PG)

Time & date of the admission tests will be communicated to the parents at the time of registration. Interview schedule of the students who have passed in the test, will be put-on the Notice Board. List of the finally selected students will be displayed on the notice board on the 3rd day of the interview. The fee payment chalan-form will be issued to the parents of finally selected students. The fee is to be paid in the designated bank within 03 days otherwise students on the waiting list will be given the seat. On receipt of the fee-deposit copy of the payment-slip from the bank, admission slip will be issued to the student & the student will be allowed to join the class. The admission will be given on first come & first get basis if the student passes the Admission Test.

Admission Policy for Borders / Day Scholars

AGS, as stated above is open to Boarders as well as Day Scholars & Day Long Scholars: Parents who desire for a seat for their child in hostel will have to fill-in Hostel Admission Form, pay the dues as stated in the details below under ‘Fee-Structure’ and avail finest facilities of boarding / lodging / dinning at AGS hostel. Rules & regulation pertaining to the hostel accommodation will be provided separately on demand. Parents who wish to get their children as Day-long borders will have to collect their children in the evening.

The day border students need not bring any book-bag or lunch as the bag will be kept in the school lockers & lunch will be provided in the dining hall by the School administration. After lunch, two periods of supervised study will be held in their respected class rooms & they would be asked to do their assignments / home work in those periods.

Admission Policy for the Orphans

AGS greatly welcomes admissions of general public orphans / children of shuhdas & provide them free furnished accommodation, food & clothing facility, treating them like one’s own children, they pay no fee and their boarding / lodging / dinning is totally free and at AGS’s cost n expenses.

Guardians of orphans interested to avail the facility have to fill-in a specified form, get it vetted from local Branches of MQI/MWF & submit it to the Administration along with the admission form + death certificate of the father of the child. The Son will be admitted in AGS on priority basis.


The student shall be considered to be withdrawn from the school if:-

  1. He / she default in the payment of fee for 02 month consecutively.
  2. Not attended the school for a period of 01 month unless a written approval from the principal has been acquired.
  3. Has committed a gross violation of the discipline.
  4. If the student fails consecutively in the same class twice.

If the student thus withdrawn is a fee defaulter, the dues will be reimbursed from the ‘Security’ deposits.