The objectives of Aghosh (Orphan Care Home) are to provide shelter and good education to orphan, ensure their safe future and to turn them into socially productive human beings.


The educational activities of the institution are of great importance. All children are imparted Hifz-e-Quran and school education according to their capacity and temperament. Minhaj Welfare Foundation has established a Aghosh Grammar School for their better education.

MWF Will ensure quality education to 500 orphans along with a quality lifestyle with your support we can continue to provide these children a bright future.

  1. Hifz-e-Quran

After the completion of primary education, children are admitted to Tehfeez-ul-Quran Institution for Hifz-e-Quran in accordance with their potential and aptitude where they memorize the Holy Quran along with other children.

  1. Schooling

Along with Hifz-e-Quran, children are also admitted to the Minhaj Model School for getting modern contemporary education. The children get exposed to English, Urdu, Arabic and Scientific subjects according to prevalent syllabus.

Extra Coaching

All the children in the world need individual attention for the solution of their educational and psychological problems and polishing their personality. Arrangements for the availability of able tutors have been made to meet this need of children, who solve their educational and psychological problems through individual attention.

Recreational activities

Recreation is necessary for the mental and spiritual growth of children along with their formal education. Aghosh has made different recreational activities as the part of its educational activities throughout the year along with the recreations.

Children are taken to amusement centre like Sky Land, Joy Land and other recreational spots on a monthly basis.

Children are also taken to visit various museums, Wagha borders and other historical places as a part of educational recreation.

The participation of children in the daily games between Asar and Maghrib prayers is ensured to keep them fit and physically healthy. The weekly sports competitions are also very helpful for this purpose.

Children also participate in the various spiritual gatherings and programmes of Minhaj-ul-Quran International keeping in view their spiritual requirements so that they are able to become good Muslims through their exposure to the actual teachings of Islam.

Food, Clothes and Health

The provision of sufficient and balanced diet for the children is part of the basic priorities of Aghosh. The menu of meals has been set in a manner that they are able to get sufficient amount of energy from food for their day-long physical activities. Fruit, milk and other eating stuff like ice cream, juice and biscuits are part of their diet plan.

New dresses are made for children according to the seasonal demands and other religious occasions.