The objectives of Aghosh (Orphan Care Home) are to provide shelter and good education to orphan, ensure their safe future and to turn them into socially productive human beings.

Aghosh a House of Prosperity

Aghosh Project

Aghosh is a multi-complex building with state of the art rooms, excellent play areas, onsite medical staff, and canteen and full time careers for the children. Aghosh is a five storied building (basement plus four floors) Total 153265 Sq Ft area of Aghosh.

Real Life legend Stories

Ø Umer Aziz is one of Aghosh former students; he is currently studying theology at the renowned Minhaj University. He tells his story of how he came into the pilot project of Aghosh.

“After the disaster of 2005, theft and looting was widespread. One evening a thief came to my father and demanded money from him, my father gave him the money, the thief was not satisfied he killed him. We are a big family, I have 4 brothers and sisters, and my mother was not the same after my father was murdered. My relatives told us about the Aghosh project in Pakistan, me, my brothers and sisters got entry into Aghosh. I successfully completed my schooling. My dream is to eventually go to the famous Al Azhar University in Cairo. Aghosh provided me with an opportunity, I never felt lonely and deprived of love. I will never be able to pay back Aghosh for all its support”.

Ø Mohammad Numan Iqbal and Rizwan Iqbal are identical twins from Lahore. Both brothers shared their story that how they were bought to Aghosh. Our father was a very respectful member of the community; we lived a wonderful life. In the year 2006, our father died from a heart attack. Mom was never the same, she was the vice principal of a secondary school, she really missed dad. Two years later mom passed away, all of a sudden our lives were turned upside down. We did not know what to do; no one was there to look after us. We were very fortunate to have had relatives who cared and took us to Aghosh. It has been two years since we have been were and it is like our own home. We enjoy playing football and taking part in other activities after school. When we grow older we want to become doctors, this dream has only be made possible because of Aghosh”.

Hope for the children of Aghosh?

  • A high standard education from primary until graduation in university.
  • A better future, with the prospect of having a good career in various sectors of life.
  • The donor will see the difference the sponsorship makes.
  • We believe in 100% goes towards the cause of to this unique project.
  • The child who will reside in Aghosh will get the best care: home, food, school and medicine.
  • You can visit it yourself and see the work with your own eyes. You get the latest update.