The objectives of Aghosh (Orphan Care Home) are to provide shelter and good education to orphan, ensure their safe future and to turn them into socially productive human beings.

What is Aghosh?

  • The hostel will have space for 500 children with modern facilities including a common room, an excellent canteen, recreation at facilities and new toilets.
  • The children will be enrolled in a 1000 student capacity. School, facilitated with modern classroom, science laboratories, lecture theatres and sport facilities.
  • Safety for all children is vital; thus, the Aghosh complex in having fire alarms and other safety measures in order to ensure that the children are protected at all times.
  • To give orphans and needy kids a home.
  • To create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for the children.
  • To give children a healthy diet and a quality education.
  • To send children back into the community as healthy, educated and well-accustomed adults so they can play their part in the future for their own nation world wide.
  • To apply an ethics of good morals and etiquettes into the individual and collective lives of the orphans.
  • To provide a prosperous future through higher education, training and prospective employment.